3.15 with ghy5p-ii, unusable camera performance

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3.15 with ghy5p-ii, unusable camera performance

Post by shaunfletcher » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:12 am


I have used sharpcap for a long time, but had just carried on using 3.0 as it worked well for where I was at..

Windows 10, QHY5p-IIc, USB 2.0.

I decided to install the latest Sharpcap 3.15 pro for the new features (I have a lot of people here in NZ who are keen on the feature guiding especially, and I want to try this), but when I connect the camera (of course using the native driver) I get a stated 1.5 fps at best regardless of the ROI used, the camera image flashes on and off, and settings seem to have little or no effect. I've installed the latest driver from QHY just in case but I think this is not connected.

3.0 still works perfectly on the same setup, giving maybe 10fps at full res and up to 100+fps at small ROIs.

For now I am just using 3.0 but would like to get this going, so any suggestions?

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Re: 3.15 with ghy5p-ii, unusable camera performance

Post by admin » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:05 am


I don't have a QHY5P-ii to test with, but I do test with a QHY5L-ii and that worked OK the last time I tried it. There is a new option in 3.1 to force cameras into still mode, but that should be off by default and therefore not an issue.

The only instant thing I can think of is to copy the QHYCCD.dll from the SharpCap 3.0 install folder into the SharpCap 3.1 install folder - overwrite the version in the 3.1 folder. The possible outcomes of this are

1) Windows notices and tries to repair the install of 3.1 and puts back the newer version of this file when you run SharpCap 3.1 (watch the file size after you have run SharpCap to check it doesn't go back to the original size)
2) QHY cameras stop working entirely with the 3.0 version copied over (too incompatible with the code in SharpCap 3.1)
3) The camera still works with the issues you are seeing (this would hint that the problems are caused by changes in the SharpCap code, not the QHY code)
4) The camera works properly (this would indicate that changes in the QHY code have caused the problem).

It would be interesting to hear the outcome of this experiment - outcomes 3 or 4 are most interesting as they would tell us something about where any fix needs to happen.



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