YouTube Video Tutorial - Live Stacking Software & Computers for EAA

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YouTube Video Tutorial - Live Stacking Software & Computers for EAA


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I just uploaded the 3rd video in my series "6 Essential Tools for EAA" which covers Live Stacking Software and Computers. Not surprisingly, Sharpcap is my strong recommendation for Live Stacking SW. Not because SharpCap is the basis of this forum. And certainly not to get on Robin's good side. I have been an advocate of SharpCap since I first started using it back in 2015. I have given at least 4 other Live Stacking SW packages a chance to change my mind, and, while some do a very good job of live stacking, none have convinced me to change my recommendation. So, having said that, most on this forum might not learn much from the first part of the video since you are already using SharpCap. However, for anyone new to EAA you may want to take a look to see why I think SharpCap is the best choice and to learn that you do not need a super fast, high end gaming computer to do EAA. And, with a little effort you can even set up things so that you can remotely control and view while nice and cozy in your house, car, truck, RV or tent.

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