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Hacked Accounts


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Hi folks,

there has recently been a new trend of existing accounts being taken over by scammers to post advertising for dubious cryptocurrency schemes (Ok, all cryptocurrency is dubious, but I suspect these things are *even* more dubious than most)...

This has been a common occurence across a wide range of forum communities - what is happening is that either the user's email account is being compromised, or their forum login credentials are shared with some other web site that has had a passowrd leak or been hacked.

My approach at the moment is to

* delete the offending posts
* change the email address associated with the account to a dummy email address
* change the account password

These steps mean that both the scammers *and* the original user will be locked out of the account, and will not be able to recover access, even if the email address used to create the forum account is also compromised.

If you find that you are mysteriously locked out of your forum account, it's possible that this has happened to you - in that case, please send us an email (use the contact us link, below), giving as much info as possible, and we will help you reinstate your account.

So far, the following accounts have been locked in this manner :

Tekkie, astro123, felipeleon_fotos


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