SharpCap 4.1 Beta Update - 20th December 2022

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SharpCap 4.1 Beta Update - 20th December 2022


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Hi folks,

Another beta update : ... 0&arch=x64

This week includes:

* Ability to completely hide scrollbars on 2nd monitor display, so the display can be totally filled with the camera image (see settings)
* First go at automatica reconnection for SVBony cameras
* New functionality to flip the image in vertical or horizontal (or both) *AFTER* dark/flat correction. This lets you adjust the orientation on display without needing dark/flat frames for each orientation. Available in the 'Processing' camera options
* Add 'FLATDARK' header to master flats (in FITS) to record the type of dark/bias subtraction
* Try to workaround Meade ASCOM driver that reports the ability to MoveAxis but no available axis movement rates
* Various bug fixes
* Altair SDK update


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