What's new in SharpCap this week... 9th May 2022

All the latest news about new features and improvements to SharpCap
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What's new in SharpCap this week... 9th May 2022


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Hi folks,

a bit of a quiet week this week, with just a few updates to SharpCap...

* Optimizations to make the new UI histogram use much less CPU - I've seen some reports that the histogram may freeze now and then, and hopefully this change will help resolve those issues.

* Updated SDK for Altair and Player One cameras - these will introduce support for new models and most likely fix some bugs too.

* Some improvements to the sequence editor - when you add a new block to the sequence it should scroll into view if necessary, and it is now (hopefully) impossible to drag a block into its own contents (or into the contents of one of its child blocks) - this was previously causing a crash.

* A few small changes to the toolbar in new UI mode to make some things a bit narrower - this should allow the whole toolbar to fit on a 1280 pixel wide display

* I have also removed the 'Stop Motion Capture' functionality from the New UI version of SharpCap. This was the last piece of 'old UI' left in the 'new UI' version and I have been seeing hints that including this may be responsible for some problems with the application freezing. Since it is not used much, I have (for the moment at least) elected to remove it rather than rewrite it.


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