Crash with no crash report

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Crash with no crash report

Post by saguaro » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:26 pm

Last night I experienced a rare crash with no crash report. I have been using SC for several years and rarely does it crash without a crash report. After restarting SC I did not experience the crash again.

SharpCap Pro v. 3.2.6194 64-bit
ZWO 1600MC-Cool camera
Win 10 Pro 64-bit v. 1809, OS build 17763.914
16GB RAM, i7 CPU

I've attached the log file that was generated before the crash.
(156.11 KiB) Downloaded 24 times

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Re: Crash with no crash report

Post by admin » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:05 pm


Thanks the report. Usually a crash without the opportunity to report the bug indicates that the error occurred in code that doesn't belong to SharpCap – that is it probably occurred in code provided by the camera manufacturer. I do my best to capture even that sort of error and present the option to submit an error report (and autosave any current live stacking images) before closing down, but there are some circumstances where that is impossible.

I do notice that the last couple of things in the log file that you posted were related to drop frames. While there are some other dropped frames mentioned elsewhere in the log file those lines being at the end might be a hint that perhaps communication with the camera was disrupted or lost and may be that led to the crash following fairly soon after.

If it happens regularly then running SharpCap with the '/dump' option (documented elsewhere in the forums) may help capture a crash dump that would allow me to narrow down the potential causes somewhat. If it only happens once in a blue moon then obviously we are less likely to be able to capture a suitable crash dump.

Cheers, Robin

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