QHY163M Oversaturated Frames without Exposure

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QHY163M Oversaturated Frames without Exposure

Post by moritz.r28@gmail.com » Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:40 pm

My QHY163M acts strange when operated in sharpcap with the QHY Driver. When the Camera ist connected the first frame and every following frame, which is taken is, is saturated, so every pixel reported al Value of 4.096. No matter the parameters. When the Camera is connected via the ascom-driver this does not occure. But in some Frames the bottom rows of pixels do not report any Vale from frame to frame, no matter with ROI is choosen. In other respect the camera works fine with ascom-driver.
The Problem occured suddenly after a new connection after a break of takig Frames, Sharpcap had a crash in the meantime but the camrea wa not connected at that time.

Sharpcap ist installt on my thinkpad E495 and the the setup of the camera wasn't changed.
Has someone an Idea for my issue ?
Greetings Moritz

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