Initial Support for Moravian Instruments Cameras

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Initial Support for Moravian Instruments Cameras

Post by admin » Fri May 17, 2019 5:30 pm


The latest version of SharpCap 3.2 (currently 3.2.6020) is the first version to contain experimental support for Moravian instruments CMOS cameras (USB only). If any SharpCap users have these cameras, please feel free to test this latest version and feedback here on any issues that you might find.

The following features should work:

* Setting the exposure
* choosing between 8 and 16 bit mode
* taking exposures of up to a few seconds
* reading the sensor temperature from the camera
* getting correct colours from colour cameras in raw mode

These other features are not yet implemented:

* Binning or region of interest
* controlling the cooler on a cooled camera
* adjusting the gain on CMOS cameras (not yet available in SDK)
* controlling built-in filter wheels
* controlling the output of the auto guide port

If you have a Moravian instrument camera with any of the above features (including CCD models) and will be interested in helping test new versions of SharpCap with your camera, please let me know.

Thanks, Robin

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