Sharpcap and Calcium K with QHY183c

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Sharpcap and Calcium K with QHY183c

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Just got a Baader Calcium K filter and have been trying it with my VRC6 and QHY183c using Sharpcap. Last two days captured a couple of SER files of the (mostly) blank sun and have been using SIRIL to munge it. Adjusted exposure by eye as usual with the SUN (normally do Halpha with a different camera and capture program). Not too thrilled as to what was in the image. But I noticed in the histogram that the BLUE layer was overexposed and all I was seeing was the leakage to the RED and GREEN layers in the near UV. Am thinking I should have used the Sharpcap histogram to set exposure but as I cut exposure down the display just went dark. Visually the displayed image has a strong violet cast but the BLUE is a featureless over-exposure. So clearly 30-40ms is way too long. Any thoughts as to what I should be doing to get the UV exposure right AND be able to focus the image?


greg latiak
avalon observatory

Just an update on this -- had another moment of clarity so made another run at it. Used the histogram to dial back the exposure so the blue layer was not overwhelmed. Much better... but that pale violet image was a bugger to focus on. Wonder if there is a way to impose an extreme stretch on the displayed image without compromising the actual capture?
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