RisingTech Flat frame capture hang(saving buffered frames)

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RisingTech Flat frame capture hang(saving buffered frames)

Post by cmooney » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:19 am


I'm having trouble capturing flats with my RisingTech 224 and 290 cameras.

Under the ToupCamAstro direct show drivers Ii capture flats sharpcap hangs up with a green banner stating "writing Buffered Frames. 5 to go."

Windows 10 64 bit
plug in only one camera
I start sharpcap
i connect to toupcamastro direct show driver (RisingTech rt224)
adjust exposure/gain for 50% ilumination
goto capture/capture flat frame
[*]12 frames
[*]no bias
[*]create mono
[*]apply when done
Start Capture
it seems to capture all the frames but it hangs up when saving (writing buffered frames)

Trouble shooting info:
[*]It works with the ASCOM Driver, but it is not practical for me to switch, because I use another RisingTech Camera at the same time on a remote system, so I would need to disable the other cam with device manager before reconnecting with sharpcap.

[*]decreasing the frames to 3 still hangs on "saving buffered frames."

[*]occurs with other tick box settings

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Re: RisingTech Flat frame capture hang(saving buffered frames)

Post by admin » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:12 pm


Thanks for including the log. I can see from it that an error is occurring during the completion of the capture of the flat frames which is probably what is stopping it from moving on with the next stages. I should be able to fix that in a future update release. If I need to know anything else I will get back to you.

Cheers, Robin

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