Live Stack with Flat Frame Bug?

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Re: Live Stack with Flat Frame Bug?

Post by BlackWikkett » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:32 pm

I capture in fits format and select save exactly as seen in the drop down dialog of Live Stacking. This saves an 8 bit PNG file. Since I mainly share my images via Flickr the 8 bit format is fine for that. I capture in fits so in case I decide to capture individual frames for later processing I'll not forget to make the change to fits.

To white balance in Photoshop I use 50% gray layer with difference blending and a threshold layer to pick mid point for curves mid point. This video explains it way better than I can in a short text blurb.

I use an IDAS D1 light pollution filter which really steps on the red channel this is the primary reason I have to do additional white balance.

In Photoshop I usually also try noise reduction and some sharpening and saturation. I use multiple tools for this some built in and some free and paid filters and actions. For most of my images I usually spend no more than 5-10 minutes editing in Photoshop. I like the immediacy of SC Live Stacking and keeping the processing to a bare minimum.

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