which settings are best for the asi585mc in sharpcap?

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which settings are best for the asi585mc in sharpcap?


Post by ramiroflores »

I'm going to attempt and use my asi585mc for some deep sky imaging using SharpCap. I'm on a star adventurer 2i and an Evostar 72ed. I've used a Sony a6000 for years just taking raw images and calibration frames (except flats) and stacking them with great success. live stacking is cool in sharpcap but I want to use my usual workflow of stacking in DSS and processing in Siril then some tweaks in Photoshop

1.which output format do I save my photos for later stacking?


3.I'm familiar with Gain but no expert
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Re: which settings are best for the asi585mc in sharpcap?


Post by Menno555 »

Hello and welcome

I always use the same workflow you describe: save the captures, stacking them in either DSS or SiriL and then processing in SiriL and Photoshop.
Works great.

1) You should save your captures as FITS. All stacking programs are using this and it's the way to go.

2) Binning is something you should just try sometime. From my experience it works better with mono cameras and not that good with color cameras. More info on binning here: https://astrobackyard.com/binning-astrophotography/

3) The best starting point for Gain in your case is Gain 252. This is the so called default gain value for that camera. Depending on the object and/or your sky quality, you then can change it when needed. For example: when you get stars that are really blown up, you can try to lower the Gain to 200.
There is also the Brightness setting (also known as Offset). For the ASI585MC, that default value is 8.

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