Planetary with ALT/AZ Evolution mount control

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Re: Planetary with ALT/AZ Evolution mount control


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I think there are a number of issues that combine to make things hard with these mounts, including quite a lot of backlash in the mount movements and (potentially) a software backlash compensation in action in the mount hand controller. Finally, if the mount stops tracking while moving for calibration, that can cause more issues.

I am putting out an update later today that will have an option for continuous (rather than the current pulsed) movement for calibration - I think that might help with difficult mounts like this one. The other thing is to choose the right movement speed - if you watch the 'Scatter' graph during calibration and you see that the two calibration lines from +Dec and -Dec are not opposite each other (instead forming a wide 'V' shape), you can try either using a higher movement speed (which should make the V wider and therefore closer to opposite) or using the 'guiding rate' option if available which *might* make the two lines opposite (depending on how/if your mount handles pulse guiding movements...)


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