Satellite Removal with Live Stacking

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Fir Chlis
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Satellite Removal with Live Stacking


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I've just been trying out Satellite Removal on the raw images that I collected during my last Live Stacking evening and was wondering if it's a case of "Set and Forget" - i.e. once I've sorted out a configuration that removes the trails on 2-3 raw image sets for my rig, if I should expect it to work without needing to calibrate it again.

Given that I'm doing EAA, I don't normally collect raw images, and so it may be towards the end of a 10 min run that a satellite appears. It doesn't really matter, but I do like to look over my saved images later.

Or maybe I just need to try it live and see for myself! :)

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Re: Satellite Removal with Live Stacking


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Hi Geoff,

if you get the settings right for your camera/telescope combination then the only thing likely to throw it off are different types of satellite. The size of a satellite will affect how bright it looks, and the altitude will affect the speed, so you might find that you set it up on relatively bright satellites and it isn't sensitive enough to pick up fainter ones.

As with a lot of image processing, it comes down to a certain amount of trial and error - if you have a good number of test images to work with you will do a better job than with just a few.


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