Sharpsolve data for Polar alignment?

Using SharpCap's Polar Alignment feature
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Sharpsolve data for Polar alignment?


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Hi Robin
I was curious if your Polar Alignment feature can/will use the Sharpsolve database to allow for a wider "solve" area around the Pole.
My FOV is blocked , such that I can't see within 83N of the pole.
Take care.
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Re: Sharpsolve data for Polar alignment?


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Hi Steve,

right now it doesn't use the SharpSolve data - the main reason is that there is another blocking issue with going further than about 6-7 degrees from the pole. Once you get that far out, you can no longer ignore the curvature of the celestial co-ordinate system, meaning that the calculations to work out the center of rotation would need to be done as a full 3D rotation, rather than a much simpler 2D rotation on an assumed flat plane. It would require quite a rework of the mathematics unfortunately :(


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