Camera Rotators

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Camera Rotators


Post by Calamity_Jane »

I am the proud owner of a Pegasus Falcon camera rotator. This is quite a useful little device even though I have an equatorial mount.

I've just discovered that I can drive it from SharpCap. That's quite a boon, since Pegasus' own driver is a nightmare to use. It takes ages to start and keeps offering updates I don't need.

:D Jane
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Re: Camera Rotators


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Hi Jane,

yes, the Pegasus is a great piece of kit (I have one). Not only can you control it manually in SharpCap, but you can also drive it via the sequencer. The 'Goto Image' tool can also use a rotator to match the orientation of the camera to the orientation of a previously saved image.

Happy to hear feedback on other rotator related features that might be handy in SharpCap - for instance I think there is an existing suggestion on here somewhere requesting a button that will rotate the image so that up is North...


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