Saturn & Jupiter with bad 'seeing'

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Saturn & Jupiter with bad 'seeing'


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Captured 24th November 2023 with a 97% waxing moon located close to Jupiter. Saturn was heading towards the murky skies above Manchester. The planet disks were very unstable and with a 2X Barlow looked like they were being beaten with a hammer. The poor atmospheric conditions I later tracked down to winds coming down the east of the UK from the North and also winds from the west. Of course I am located in the middle of this - 2 weather fronts meeting above me on the only clear night for weeks.

I posted these results in the belief that there are things to be learnt from poor results.

Equipment: Celestron AVX mount, Celestron C8 SCT scope, JMI Motorised focuser, UV/IR cut filter, ZWO ASI120MC camera and Skyris 618m CCD camera.
Software: SharpCap 4, Autostakkert!3, Registax6, SER Player

Saturn @ 70fps with the ASI120MC
Saturn-ASI120MC.JPG (59.21 KiB) Viewed 11811 times

Jupiter @ 170fps with the ASI120MC
Jupiter-ASI120MC.JPG (52.79 KiB) Viewed 11811 times

Jupiter @ 120fps with the Skyris 618m
Capture.JPG (40.7 KiB) Viewed 11811 times
Jupiter-Skyris618M.JPG (23.77 KiB) Viewed 11811 times

Autostakkert processing for Jupiter with the Skyris 618m. Note that the 2 moons only became visible after stacking with AS!3 and sharpening + brightening in Registax. The AS!3 Quality Graph (green line) shows that 75% of the frames were at 50% or better quality (relative to the first frame) indicating that the mono camera did handle the turbulent atmospheric conditions better than the colour camera.

AS3.JPG (113.4 KiB) Viewed 11811 times

This is the capture in progress of Jupiter using the ASI120MC @ 170fps. To achieve 170fps, the capture area was reduced to 320x240 and the gain increased to 90%. This allowed the exposure to be reduced to 1.43ms and achieve a decent log histogram for planetary capture.

Capture.JPG (75.47 KiB) Viewed 11811 times

I have a ZWO ADC on its way which should be interesting.

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