Additional software gain for blue channel

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Additional software gain for blue channel


Post by Borodog »

Many OSC astro cameras cannot be white balanced “on the way in”; eg ZWO cameras only have wred and wblue controls and are not sensitive enough in blue to make up for atmospheric scattering when imaging the Moon, for example. The lower the target, the worse the problem. While this can be fixed in post, it’s always better to get it right on the way in. This is especially important if you are capturing AVIs directly for use as videos without any post processing.

So I’d like to see an additional software gain for the blue channel that can be “set and forget” in the preferences. It would just be a user selectable multiplicative factor that multiplies the blue channel. If you set it to 1.1, the blue channel is scaled by a factor of 1.1. That’s it.

Thanks for your consideration.
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