Planetary nebula NGC 7076 / Abell 75

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Planetary nebula NGC 7076 / Abell 75


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NGC 7076 / Abell 75

A small (0.93 x 0.93 arcmin apparent size) planetary nebula in Cepheus with a magnitude of around 14.
The nebula has not been captured very often (certainly not in this FOV) and there is little information to be found.
Even the distance is not really known: I was able to find 2 distances that are quite a lot apart with approx. 4800 light years and 7100 light years.

The original size (3295 x 2415px) can be found here



Bortle 6/7
Meade LX200 8" f/10 ACF OTA
Ioptron CEM25EC montering (no guiding)
Optolong L-eXtreme filter
Zwo ASI071MC Pro camera

Captured with SharpCap Pro @ -10 Celsius / White balance R50 B50
14 x 600 sec / Gain 90 / Offset 4
20 x darks and 50 x (dark)flats

Stacked with SiriL (using Sirilic)

Processed with SiriL and Photoshop
SiriL: Background Calibration and Histogram
Photoshop: StarXterminator, Camera Raw Filter (white balance, shadows, lightness, blacks, color saturation, clarity), NoiseXterminator.
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