Live stack White balance

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Live stack White balance


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Hello all,
I need some info and advice. I am going by my memory since weather has keep me from imaging for awhile and I want to belter understand this issue before good weather is back!

First, I am imaging with sharpCap Pro 4.0 with a 12" SCT and Zwoasi224mc for EAA type work.

When working in color with an OSC camera what should the Brightness, white Bal R & B percent be set to before taking darks to be applied when live stacking? I understand the exp and gain must be the same as the lights.

What seems to happen is that after I set everything then take my darks. Start a live stack with the darks applied then adjust the colors I get hot pixels that were not there before.

Something is happening between the darks and stacking.

Maybe, the gain is being affected when moving the White balance sliders during stacking? If that is the case when adjusting the color during live stacking the image will end up with hot pixels due to the gain change. Am I understanding this correctly?

Right now I must make sure not only the exp and gain are unchanged but also the White R & B must be unchanged or moved very little as well when live stacking.

Maybe I have a workflow issue? Any ideas?

Thanks, Terry
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