Loading different astrotortilla settings files from within Sharpcap

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Loading different astrotortilla settings files from within Sharpcap

Post by nm1213 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:53 am


The native AstroTortilla GUI allows for loading different configuration files. This is handy when using different cameras. Is it possible for Sharpcap to tell AstroTortilla which specific .cfg settings file to use during its plate solves? The use case is as follows:

1. I'm using Hyperstar for live stacking, which attaches itself in place of the secondary mirror. However hyperstar is too wide (290mm) in my configuration (6 inch SCT) to be useful for goto alignment.
2. I'd like to first build a sky model using Starsense, and then fine tuning using another camera attached normally to the back of the SCT (in the diagonal).
3. I can use Sharpcap (with the crosshair overlay) to plate solve, resync the mount, and fine tune to the star manually using direction buttons. Once centred correctly, I can then add the star as an alignment point to calibrate my goto model.
4. I'd then switch to Hyperstar for the actual imaging (at a different FOV, which means loading another config file for AstroTortilla).

The current workaround is to launch the AstroTortilla GUI and change configuration files before switching to they hyperstar camera. Would be nice if SharpCap can do this within it's GUI.



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Re: Loading different astrotortilla settings files from within Sharpcap

Post by admin » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:50 pm


SharpCap completely ignores the AstroTortilla config when it does plate solving - basically it uses the plate solving engine that AstroTortilla installs, but passes its own set of options to that engine.

The only user configurable option for the plate solving is the 'sigma' parameter which controls star detection - high sigma values suppress noise (and small stars), so turn it down if you get too few and up if you get too many.



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