M13 APOD (not mine)

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M13 APOD (not mine)


Post by oopfan »

Modest equipment...surprisingly good result:

Click on the author's name to go to his AstroBin page.
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Re: M13 APOD (not mine)


Post by turfpit »


I had a look over this - good skills needed to avoid a noisy background sky with globular clusters. Bortle 3 skies + cooled camera + several hours of integration will have helped.

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Re: M13 APOD (not mine)


Post by timh »

Something to aspire to there! The telescope looked good - a 12.5 inch astrograph - a very sharp image at about an arcsec per pixel for the scale of the image. The colour handling during processing was superb -- I wonder whether this is the sort of target where it really works better to be using a mono camera rather than an OSC. The very tiniest stars that are resolved in that image are sharp and white -- it is all too easy to get them more blurry and sort of off-white.

It is also interesting that there was about 12h of data there from a big F5 telescope -- for such a bright object

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