Newbie wants help, sharpcap, Mac, Nikon

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Newbie wants help, sharpcap, Mac, Nikon


Post by js47 »

Newbie seeking guidance.
I would like to use sharpcap on a Mac using a Nkon DSLR (the D700). Any advise on:
1) does the DSLR version support my camera?
2) any drivers/interfaces/other that I should be aware of, or that are needed to make the components work together?
Thanks for reading, and greater thanks if you respond!
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Re: Newbie wants help, sharpcap, Mac, Nikon


Post by Menno555 »

Hi and welcome

Natively SharpCap doesn't work on a Mac, SharpCap is a Windows only program.
As far as I know, it can work but than you have to emulate Windows on your Mac. Others may have more info about that because my Mac knowledge is just above zero :)

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Re: Newbie wants help, sharpcap, Mac, Nikon


Post by admin »


Menno is right - there is no Mac version of SharpCap and there are no plans to make one in the future.

Some people run it on their Mac using either Parallels (which usually works at least a bit) or Bootcamp (for Intel Mac, which usually works fine).

DSLRs are also not supported directly by SharpCap - there is a separate piece of software called ASCOM.DSLR that may enable you to use your DSLR in SharpCap. On the plus side, that software is free. On the minus side, it has not been updated or maintained recently, so it's great if it works, but you have no real support from the creators of ASCOM.DSLR if you have problems.


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