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SharpCap Captures Folder


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After taking 20 videos of the Sun: Solar images look faded. The capture folder under status column has a circle formed by two arrows instead of the usual circle with a check mark in it

What does the circle formed by two arrows mean, and is this a clue as to what went wrong with the images?
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Re: SharpCap Captures Folder


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I think that the circles with arrows and tick marks are going to be related to something like Google Drive or OneDrive software or some other file synchronization software. The two arrows with a circle probably means that the folder is being uploaded, the tick mark probably means that the upload is complete. If you have just recorded some new video files then you would expect to see the uploading happening. You may want to stop your SharpCap captures folder from being automatically uploaded.

Anyway, in terms of the faded videos, this will be nothing to do with the various circle/tick/arrow icons. The most likely cause is that you activated one of the features in SharpCap that adjusts the live display but not the saved file, then forgot that you had activated it and adjusted the camera settings based on what you were seeing on screen, not realising that the saved images would look different. For instance, anything in the 'FX' (display effects) drop down falls into this category, as do the adjustments you can make to the mini histogram on the right hand side.

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