ASI 6200MM High Speed Mode with scripts

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ASI 6200MM High Speed Mode with scripts


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Hi There,

I use ASI 6200MM with Sharpcap 4.0 Pro Sequencer. I tried to turn on the High Speed mode of the camera but did not experience any speed increase. I create 40 sec subs, and downloading the images takes and additional 4-5 secs. I suspected that High Speed mode meant the use of internal buffer of the camera, so the next exposure shall start before the download happens. Still I see that the next exposure starts only after the image has arrived to the disk.

Do you have any idea how I could force to start the next exposure and use the camera's internal buffer?

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Re: ASI 6200MM High Speed Mode with scripts


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I think that high speed mode on these cameras is related to low bit depths (8 bit) and high frame rates - it will not affect things when you are using 16 bit and exposures of several seconds.

From the timings it sounds like your camera is connecting at USB2 speeds (90 megabytes of data taking 3-5 seconds). If you can connect via USB3 then the download speed should be a lot faster.

ZWO cameras will run in 'capture the next frame while downloading the last one' mode when they are in video mode, but ZWO advises that cameras should not be used in video mode for long exposures due to stability issues, so SharpCap automatically switches to still frame mode from 2s exposures upward.


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