Gray screen split after updating for PA

Using SharpCap's Polar Alignment feature
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Gray screen split after updating for PA


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After completing the last update, my half my screen is gray and doesn’t show anything. Does anybody know how to fix this? Please see attachment.
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Re: Gray screen split after updating for PA


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I think all is basically well - the zoom level (set in the toolbar, near the right) is set to 'Auto'. That means SharpCap will fit the image from the camera into the available space between the toolbar/menu at the top and the polar align area at the bottom. Given the shape of the image, the grey area on the right is unused.

You can easily use the zoom control to zoom further in, which will make the image larger to fill that space (although you will then not be able to see the whole of the image vertically).

Not quite sure why this happened when you updated SharpCap - it should have worked that way in all versions if the view size is set to 'Auto'.


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