Learning a lot from Robin, and SharpCap!

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Learning a lot from Robin, and SharpCap!


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Hi Robin,
I started in astrophotography about 8 years ago with a CCD camera, pier and 10" RC scope. I really did not understand anything about a sub's length and how it affected the final image. But by my own logic I went for long exposures 10-20 min for RGB. Then I sold that system 3 years ago and got a travel system with CMOS camera. I carried forward that habit, and have been using 10 min subs. Wrong.

Then about a month ago I ran across your presentation on the topic of Deep Sky CMOS Imaging. Finally I began to understand what factors really affect the result. And how wrong I was! SharpCap gives the tools to determine the optimum exposure time, gain/offset for the imaging system, with the factors of equipment, skies brightness, etc. I am new to SharpCap, and am learning how to use it with my system.

So thanks for your contributions and hard work for better astrophotography!
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Re: Learning a lot from Robin, and SharpCap!


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Hi Roger,

good to hear that you are enjoying SharpCap and learning your way around your new setup.

One of the reasons that we do astrophotography is because it's a challenge to get things to work nicely. However the 'old way' of long exposures for LRGB or OSC colour images when using CMOS cameras is making things pointlessly hard. It's always nice to hear of someone else who has been 'cured' of that little misunderstanding :)


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