QHY 174 GPS calibration script thanks

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QHY 174 GPS calibration script thanks

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Thank you Jean-Francois for the QHY 174 GPS calibration script you posted in topic #2241! With that, I was able to solve a calibration issue I was having.
I re-calibrated our QHY manually using the new understanding of the default values as described by Robin. Then I ran some short tests, mostly checking for dropped frames. But the values I set for the exposure were not followed! For an exposure setting of 10ms, FITSliberator reported the FITS headings were showing an exposure of 97ms. And for an exposure setting of 100ms, the headings were showing an exposure nearly double that.
I redid the calibrations using the script. Now the exposure settings and the values for the exposure in the FITS headings match very well. As for the dropped frames, I had none when I ran a test making no changes to the parameters during the test, but there were multiple when I adjusted the gain as the data capture was taking place.
We set our USB parameter as USB = 0. That has worked fine for us.
The bad calibration parameters for 10ms were:
Calibration End Pos Adjust=4190
Calibration Start Pos Adjust=46284
The good parameters were
Calibration End Pos Adjust=4201
Calibration Start Pos Adjust=10937
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Re: QHY 174 GPS calibration script thanks

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Hello Joan,

Nice to read that you can use my script and that it was useful.
I have a version for the "menu" ... but I think that I do not communicate the last version on the forum ... maybe I will do it one day.

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