Using Settings for Solar.....

Discussions of using SharpCap for Solar or Lunar Imaging
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Using Settings for Solar.....

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I am trying to ajust the settings in Exposure, Gain and Gamma for my DMK21AU 218 having watched a few tutorials on this as I am a total beginner. Settings were suggested for the surface and the proms which were of course quite different. I cannot get my Gain for example setting below 260 and I am really not sure why... Is Sharpcap pro neccessary to have more functionality or am I perhaps doing something wrong? The exposure and gamma were unable to give me the settings which were suggested ...? Please can someone help?
Thank you
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Re: Using Settings for Solar.....

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This book by Dave Eagle FRAS is about solar imaging. He uses DMK21 cameras for the book material. A modest book of 44 pages aimed at a beginner and at around £7 printed or Kindle will not break the bank. ... ave&sr=8-1

I have the book, bought it at one of his workshops. An easy read (as are his other titles). Never done any solar - yet.

Good luck.

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