Exoplanet Challenge!

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Exoplanet Challenge!

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If anyone has followed my series on Variable Stars with just the slightest interest then I have a challenge for you!

Now having the benefit of applying my equipment on a variety of stars I feel confident that the following challenge is well within my grasp (famous last words!) The question is: will my crappy northeast U.S. weather cooperate?

There is a star only 15 arc-minutes east of M27 the Dumbbell Nebula that is regularly eclipsed by an Exoplanet. The depth of the eclipse is a mere 0.0282 magnitude but fortunately the host star is a bright 7.67 magnitudes. This means short exposures! You don't want to over-expose the star. Ideally you want to bring it up to about 40,000 ADU. Don't go any higher or you risk saturation as it climbs in altitude.
Exoplanet Challenge HD189733b.jpg
Exoplanet Challenge HD189733b.jpg (100.08 KiB) Viewed 796 times
To complete this challenge you will need to learn AstroImageJ. I will be happy to give you guidance but nothing more. This is competition!

Here is a link to a database where you can enter your latitude and longitude to find the next transit:
http://var2.astro.cz/ETD/etd.php?STARNA ... 3&PLANET=b

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