Sensor Analysis done in HCG

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Sensor Analysis done in HCG

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Hi Robin:

I ran sensor analysis on two of my cameras in HCG (High Conversion Gain) mode. Does that mean smart histogram will give me Gain and Exposure settings for HCG mode for a total integration time of 1 hour?

Dan Kahraman
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Re: Sensor Analysis done in HCG

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Hi Dan,

yes, SharpCap doesn't know anything about the change between HCG and LCG on your camera (since the setup of the modes is tucked away in the ASCOM config window). That means that SharpCap will base the gain and exposure calculations on the most recent sensor analysis that you have done. If you analyse in HCG then the suggestions will be appropriate for HCG. If you then decide later today to analyse in LCG, you will start to get suggestions that are appropriate for LCG.


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