Applying Dark Frames with SharpPro Live Stacking

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Re: Applying Dark Frames with SharpPro Live Stacking

Post by jsadoulet » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:29 pm

Hello Robin
I hope Covid is not impacting too much in your location...

Camera ZWO 294 MC Pro and SharpCap

Please confirm the following:
1/ When creating darks with SharpCap, they are not debayered and saved in "gray" format ?
2/ When using darks with SharpCap livestacking, you use "gray" format as well even with a color camera ?
3/ If I want to use darks in an external sofware (PI) with RGB images, I need to convert my darks in RGB ?

Thank you for your answer


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Re: Applying Dark Frames with SharpPro Live Stacking

Post by admin » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:54 pm

Hi Jean-Paul,

When you are using a colour camera, dark frames are saved in raw format (grey image with Bayer pattern visible) and used in that format, this includes individual dark frames and averaged dark frames.

I'm not a great pixinsight expert, but I would expect that you would want to use the dark frames in pixinsight without converting them to RGB. You want to subtract the dark signal at the pixel level before doing the RGB conversion to make sure that the subtraction is as accurate as possible.

COVID-19 is of course stopping us from carrying out our normal day-to-day lives to some extent – we can only go out to buy food and for one period of exercise per day. I think there are relatively few cases nearby so far – at least compared to places like London. I hope that you and all other forum members and SharpCap users keep safe and well during this crisis.

Cheers, Robin

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