Quark Chromo UV/IR cut

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Quark Chromo UV/IR cut

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I am looking at getting a Daystar Quark Chromo to give me something to play with in the lighter months and was looking on the Daystar site and they say to use a IR/UV Cut filter above 80mm and then there is a sub note that if the scope is going to be used for regularly solar work then you should always have one.

As I will be only using this electronically I don't really want to have a diagonal in play and am unsure whether there is a filter thread on the Quark, so I am wondering if I purchased a 72mm camera UV/IR cut filter the scope is 72mm if this could be placed in front of the main objective to reflect the UV and IR 700nm+ frequency before it even entered the scope. Does anyone who owns one of these have any thoughts on this.

The filter is a B+W one and is £109 as opposed to an ERF which is over £230.

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