SVBony SV105 newbie

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SVBony SV105 newbie

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Hello. I just got a SVBony SV105 camera and tried it for the first time last night with my Meade ETX-90. What initial settings should I use in SharpCap for the moon and the planets, especially the exposure time?
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Re: SVBony SV105 newbie

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it's difficult to give exact settings for a particular camera telescope combination unless someone happens to have exactly the same combination. However a good guideline is to start by setting the gain towards maximum and the exposure somewhere in the 0.1 to 1 second range. You will be over exposing everything, but at least you are likely to see something on the screen (even if you are out of focus). Once you found the target and started to adjust the focus you can wind down the exposure and the gain to bring the brightness back under control. For the moon and planets start by bringing the exposure down to something in the 30 - 50 ms range and then turn down the gain as much as is necessary to avoid over saturating the image. You may have to take the exposure even lower for the moon.

Cheers, Robin
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