Quirks with ASCOM support of iOptron AZ Mount Pro

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Quirks with ASCOM support of iOptron AZ Mount Pro

Post by howardgrams » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:36 am

Hi Robin,

I gave up on using my old iOptron Minitower and have acquired a new iOptron AZ Mount Pro. On the whole, Sharpcap Beta 3.1.4722 is much happier. But I have noticed the a couple of problems.

* Version of SharpCap: 3.1.4722
* Camera and other hardware being user: ZWO ASI224MC
* Operating system version: Windows 10 Pro Ver 1709 Build 16299.98

Problem 1: The buttons to move the telescope up, down and left work as expected. However, the button to move the telescope right has no effect. This is when the mount speed is set to 1x.

Problem 2: When the mount speed is set to 2x, then I get a popup box with the message "Cannot move mount because: set -= is an invalid value. The valid range is : ."

I have attached a SharpCap log showing what was going on at around 20:48 when the problem was occurring.

Howard Grams
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Re: Quirks with ASCOM support of iOptron AZ Mount Pro

Post by admin » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:11 am

Hi Howard,

I think the first issue is behaviour designed for EQ mounts carrying over to Alt/Az mounts - basically if you are tracking with an EQ mount then 'move right at 1x' is actually just 'turn off tracking'. I need to tweak that for Alt/Az mounts where it doesn't apply.

I will also look at the 2x rate issue - I think that SharpCap may be correcting for the length of the sidereal day vs the solar day in the slew rate number (some mounts expect that) and maybe the iOptron doesn't like it.



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