Darks & Flats don't load properly

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Darks & Flats don't load properly

Post by donboy »

When SC starts up and a profile is loaded it tries to load one from several imaging sessions ago for both Dark and Flat.

Example: The program continually wants to load the Dark and Flat from 4/25 but the last imaging session the calibration files where loaded from the folder of 4/27. What first appears when loading the profile is an error saying the Dark & Flat file doesn't match the current file date and when I go to the Darks it indicates None but when I open the drop down it has both the file from 4/25 and 4/27. But the Flat also says None but when I look in the scroll down it only has the Flat from 4/25 and not 4/27. This happened the same way on 4/26, but the 4/26 calibration files don't appear on 4/27. When I delete the files in the drop down from 4/25 they come back again when I reload the profile even today 4/29.

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