Stopping a plate solve

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Stopping a plate solve

Post by robrj »

How do I stop a plate solve after it's gone too long? It seems to keep running. Clicking the "X" on the notification bar (where it's telling me what index it's using) doesn't seem to stop it, nor does hitting the "Stop" button in the plate solve section. I just keeps running through the indexes.

My mount was poorly aligned with Stellarium so it wasn't getting close enough to solve the image. I've moved the mount and initiated another plate solve while the prior solve was still going on. That would successfully plate solve once it was within range, but it seems to keep running the old job. I see a cancel button pop up in the notification bar when I initiate a new solve but it quickly disappears.
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Re: Stopping a plate solve

Post by admin »

Ah, good point, the status update notifications wipe out the cancel option - I will fix that in 3.1


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