iOptron Minitower - Error connecting to ASCOM mount. Object required.

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Re: iOptron Minitower - Error connecting to ASCOM mount. Object required.

Post by pipshag »

Yes, it does point to iOptron being at fault with their firmware and not SharpCap. Good to have that sorted out atleast!

If you ever get around to rewriting the ASCOM-driver and/or control software, I would more than gladly pitch in with atleast a beer or two. Let me know if you ever get around to it - love the mount, hate the software. Unfortunately this means that I'll probably only use the mount for visual (unnecessary luxury) or sell it.
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Re: iOptron Minitower - Error connecting to ASCOM mount. Object required.

Post by astrnmr »

I have noticed that this issue isn't just with the minitower but with the iEQ45-GTN. It locks up SC causing me to force a shutdown and restart of the the software. I have found that MaximDL/CCD seems to handle the iOptron ASCOM drivers rather well but all other programs lock up. I am going to assume that it is a major issue with how they right their ASCOM drivers. If I knew how to code, I'd write a new version myself as well. Would really like to get it sorted out as I want to use SC all the time, but have found myself switching back to MaximDL to control everything from guiding, imaging and even plate solving and sync. Would prefer SC as I like the Livestack feature with DF and Flat removal.
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