No way to cancle Dark Frames once started

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No way to cancle Dark Frames once started

Post by directgumby » Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:59 am


I made an interesting mistake when I went to shoot some darks tonight.
I had everything set to "auto" and decided - heck, I should take some dark frames as I'm close to where I want to be, but I could use the dark subtraction to maybe clean up some noise. So, I went over, put on the lens cap and the "auto" was still on.. by the time I walked back over to the computer and pressed "start" for the dark capture I realized - dang it, it had already started to adjust to the dark cap and now my time jumped up to over 30 seconds ... when in reality it should have been low 20 seconds (or less).

When I open the "Create Darks" I would expect that it would freeze everything that is currently under the "auto" and use that for its setting, and then allow a user to change them if needed. That way the settings stay as they were before the user puts on the lens cap.

When this happened, I wanted to cancel the creations of the dark frames and I could not.

To me there are two bugs in here:
1) That it does not seem to freeze to the current settings and
2) That I cannot seems to cancel the action once started.

SharpCap 3.2
SkyWatcher AZ GTI Mount (In AZ mode)
SynScan App Pro (Windows: 1.17.3)
Apatura 60
Windows 10 (1903 build 18362.295)
Laptop SurfaceBook (16 gigs of RAM)

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