Sharpcap hangs if ASCOM mount disconnected

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Sharpcap hangs if ASCOM mount disconnected

Post by nicklin » Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:25 pm

This relates to 3.2.9586 on Win10, and may be more a design issue than a bug per-se, but having finally got around to using the polar alignment feature (which is awesome) and also adding my mount connection via ASCOM to slew after a plate solve, I found that Sharpcap hangs if the mount is disconnected. It does update the UI periodically, after so call has timed out I imagine, but it's essentially stuck and has to be killed unless the mount is reconnected. If the ASCOM driving is handled in a separate thread it would suggest a fault somewhere, and if it isn't in its own thread then doing so would be advantageous and avoid this unless the ASCOM driver isn't thread safe.

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Re: Sharpcap hangs if ASCOM mount disconnected

Post by admin » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:56 pm


Could you post your SharpCap log file captured to show the problem? I suspect the problem is that the Ascom driver is itself taking a long time to time out communicating with the mount. SharpCap periodically asks the Ascom driver for the RA and DEC coordinates and this is probably the requests that are taking a long time to time out and then repeated almost immediately.

The refresh of the mount positions runs deliberately in the UI thread because some Ascom drivers don't work properly if called from other threads (sadly this isn't something that specified well in the Ascom documentation).

Cheers, Robin

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