Plate Solve Sync'ing but Not Re-Centring G11GT Mount Gemini II

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Plate Solve Sync'ing but Not Re-Centring G11GT Mount Gemini II

Post by calaban » Fri May 10, 2019 1:39 pm


I have a 'new' G11GT, I say that because previously I used EQMOD with a NEQ6 and SharpCap plate soling was all fine. I use AstroTortilla and all good. Solved, sync'ed and re-centred - all worked a treat.

With the G11GT, SharpCap does a successful plate solve, and then says "sync'ing mount" and also "moving mount to re-centre" or something like that, was a couple of weeks ago.

The problem however is that the mount does not move, re-centre. I think it does get the sync. It just gets weird after that. Happened a couple of times and basically I have to reboot the computer and start from scratch.

What I do now is not have SharpCap connect to the G11GT. I take a jpeg shot. From AstroTortilla use that photo via "File Open dialog" and let AT do the solve, sync'ing and re-centring of the mount. Then back to SharpCap once that is all done.

Would be nice if all from within SharpCap as before. Using latest release of SharpCap. ASI071MC with Canon 400mm lens + 2x extender. Win10. But sorry do not have the log. Will have to repeat it all next time and make sure I have the log file.

Regards Richard

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Re: Plate Solve Sync'ing but Not Re-Centring G11GT Mount Gemini II

Post by admin » Fri May 10, 2019 8:31 pm

Hi Richard,

Please can you post the SharpCap log captured after you have made the attempt to do the plate solver and synchronise. Lots of information gets put in the log during this procedure that will help narrow down what is going wrong.

Cheers, Robin

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