Small bug with 3.3.7190 - plate solve config

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Small bug with 3.3.7190 - plate solve config

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Hello Robin,
I stumbled upon a small bug with the 3.3.7190.
On a newly installed windows I was passing the command SharpCap.Mounts.SelectedMount.SolveAndSync() to SharpCap which ended in an unexpected crash.
Turns out I had forgotten to choose ASTAP as plate solver in the settings.

Crashing because of the config error would be my description of the bug.

Kind regards,
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Re: Small bug with 3.3.7190 - plate solve config

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Hi Norman,

that method is asynchronous, so you should probably do

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in your code to wait for the asynchronous process to complete. You should then be able to catch any exception that is reported back from the asynchronous method to prevent the crash (try: / except:).

I will try to track down the exception and see if it can be avoided, but SharpCap uses exceptions for error handling and if that happens in an asynchronous method that is not being waited on then you can get what is called an UnobservedTaskException, which can be fatal.


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