Polar alignment at low latitudes

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Polar alignment at low latitudes

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Hi - I've read that the polar alignment tool works to within 5 degrees of polaris. I'm not sure if it is possible to use this tool at low latitudes (1.3 degrees) given I can only dream of seeing Polaris.

Is there any way to expand the range to more than 5 degrees? Will this help at all?
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Re: Polar alignment at low latitudes

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in SharpCap 3.1 the database of stars goes out to 7 degrees from the pole, but going any further than that requires me to re-write the plate solving code to deal with spherical geometry (approximating to cartesian co-ordinates isn't sufficient any more). Even if I made that change and included a bigger star database, the primary problem is that the accuracy drops the further your center of view is from the pole, so it probably wouldn't be very successful anyway.


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