HOWTO Capture and Process an Image of Jupiter

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Re: HOWTO Capture and Process an Image of Jupiter

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I am using a ZWO ASI224 camera for my planetary imaging. This camera does not have gamma settings. Your tutorials all include recommended gamma settings. So how does my ASI224 lack of gamma control effect the recommendations that you make for initial gain settings?

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Re: HOWTO Capture and Process an Image of Jupiter

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With ZWO the recommendation (from ZWO) was leave gamma as default (I think that was 50) - in effect neutral. Then I think gamma disappeared altogether from the camera settings (Robin will know better) - plenty of howling about that on the forums. Ignore gamma anyway for lunar/planetary capture. Gain and exposure matter for the file being saved. Any other controls are for how the image looks on the screen. The ultimate arbitor of a good image is the shape of the histogram. ... %20Quality and a general read of that section would help. Writing that was when I made the breakthrough with all of this.

There are 2 histogram shapes - disk surrounded by black (planet) and full surface (no black surround). Have at look at my posts in the Gallery, I have included the actual capture screens (including histograms in some of them.

Also ... tarted.htm

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