Touptek IMX294C ATR3CMOS10300KPA

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Touptek IMX294C ATR3CMOS10300KPA

Post by Eric.H45 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:29 pm

Good evening.
I have a one year old Touptek ATR3CMOS10300KPA (same as Risingcam)
This is a IMX294 cooled camera.
With Sharpcap 3.2.6219 Pro is works well using the the ASCOM driver.
But the "native" driver (ToupCamAstro) miss some options:
- No cooler control
- No choice between 8 Bits or 14 Bits
- No choice between RAW and RGB
- No choice between HCG an LCG Conversion Gain.
The Sensor Analysis tool report that it can't run analysis (Directshow Driver ?)

As I am a developper (C++, C#) and have already develop some test code using ToupTek SDK, I can may be help you to integrate Touptek Camera support in SharpCap which is my favorite capture application.

Best Regards

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Re: Touptek IMX294C ATR3CMOS10300KPA

Post by admin » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:46 pm


Yes, I think you spotted pretty much all the limitations of the direct show option which makes either the Ascom driver or even better direct support for these cameras the preferred way to work with them.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to be able to add support for ToupTek cameras (or their white box OEM brands) to SharpCap in the foreseeable future. I do appreciate the offer of help, but this isn't a technical or even a time constraint.

Cheers, Robin

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