Sharpcap 64 bit version?

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Sharpcap 64 bit version?

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Just wondering if there is a 64 bit version of Sharpcap? Sharpcapwon't recognize my Matrox VIO SDI capture card and I can only install the 64 bit driver.(directshow). The card is being recognized in virtualdub 64 bit but not in virtualdub 32 bit version. So, I guess the same would apply to Sharpcap.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Sharpcap 64 bit version?

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Sorry but there is no 64 bit version and I don't have plans at the moment to make one.

Normally a manufacturer would supply a 64 bit driver (that lives in the OS Kernel and talks to the hardware) and 64 *and* 32 bit versions of the DirectShow capture filter dll (often has .ax extension) - these talk to the driver. It sounds like your manufacturer has taken a shortcut and only made a 64 bit version of the capture filter :(


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Re: Sharpcap 64 bit version?

Post by turfpit »

According to this ... /b_vio.pdf the Matrox Vio SDI cards have the following spec and support 32/64-bt Windows 7/8.1/10 (assuming I have the found the specs for the correct card):
MatroxVio.PNG (16.16 KiB) Viewed 2412 times
The 32-bit drivers must be on a CD that came with the card or are available from a Matrox support site.

Hope this helps.

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