Telescope-express webcam, Sharpcap and AMCap diffs

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Telescope-express webcam, Sharpcap and AMCap diffs

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There has been a lot of smoke regarding missing drivers for older webcam, here and in other webcam forums, why the drivers are missing. Today I tried to install the TS webcam on a new laptop for a friend. And naturally, the "webcam missing" driver issue arose like a letter in the mail. A problem I also had on my own laptop since two years back, now using a little Azus 32bit win10 notebook instead for the cam. But at starry nights site, I found a link that went to the old Phillips SPS900 drivers, I downloaded it and tried. And, now the camera is listed in the device manager/image devices as "DTCS033 CCD USB2.0 Camera", but Sharpcap or other video tools can't see it (guess due to not under the camera section.

On my crate, I had an old installation (2012) of AMCap, so in desperation, I tried it out. And lo and behold, it works "just perfect" in AMCap, light coming in and I can adjust the filters... The question is how to reprise this behavior in Sharpcap, any ideas? :cry:

Cheers/Lars M
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Re: Telescope-express webcam, Sharpcap and AMCap diffs

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If you put Amcap on your friends new laptop (you can probably just copy the folder), does it detect the camera? If not, then there are drivers on your computer that somehow makes the WebCam work.

If Amcap does work on your friends new laptop then that might indicate that the device is showing up as a different category of device to the normal video capture device. AmCap handles all sorts of weird and wonderful oddball categories from the 90s, but SharpCap doesn't support these.


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