ZWO performance warning message in SharpCap

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ZWO performance warning message in SharpCap

Post by highkamp » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:39 pm

When trying to set-up my system with my ASI120MC camera I see my camera listed in the available cameras but when I select it I get a Performance Warning message in SharpCap saying "opening this camera via Direct Show may result in loss of performance, etc"..... What is this message referring to and what is Direct Show? There is no mention of this in the help manual. Also, there seems to be no other way to connect. Is it because I am not connected to my mount and using ASCOM?


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Re: ZWO performance warning message in SharpCap

Post by admin » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:45 pm


your camera should appear in a 'ZWO Cameras' section of the menu - if it is not, check that you have installed the latest ZWO drivers and the latest version of SharpCap. You can read a bit more here - (and following sections for DirectShow).

Another reason that the ZWO camera may not appear in its own section is if it is not detected correctly by Windows for some reason. the DirectShow entry does tend to appear even if Windows has not detected the camera. Check to see if the camera is showing correctly in device manager if you think this may be the problem.



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