Problem saving raw frames in color

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Problem saving raw frames in color

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I have a ZWOASI385 color camera but when I stack images in Sharpcap it saves individual raw frames (tiff files) as grayscale. .My capture settings in Sharpcap are RAW16. Saved stacks are in color (fits) and the option to "Save Exactly As Seen" results in a color image but individual frames are in graycale. What's going on? How can I save individual frames as color files?
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Re: Problem saving raw frames in color

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Hi Steve,

the frames saved in RAW have the colour information encoded in the fine 'mesh' pattern you will see if you zoom in - basically individual pixel data for the R, G and B pixels of the camera saved in the file.

You need to use a viewing application that can debayer these images to recover the colour.

This one gets asked often enough that we have it answered in our frequently asked questions - ... -colour-go - that page links to a full discussion of what is going on and what to do about it.


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