Problems with two ASI cameras connected simultaneously

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Problems with two ASI cameras connected simultaneously

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I have just purchased two ASI cameras:
ASI071MCPro (main color camera) and ASI178MM (guide camera), both USB3.
When both cameras are connected simultaneously to my PC (And they have to be both active!) I am experiencing several problems also with other
When only one of the two is connected, there are no problems

In Sharpcap instead of two different cameras, the same name is listed twice, not always. Same happens in PHD2.

ASICap is recognizing the two cameras with no problems.
NINA does not list the native drivers, unless one of the two cameras are disconnected.

I am in Win 10, up to date. I installed the latest ASI driver on 29 Sep 2020.
Have you got any experience or clue of the described behavior?

I do thank you all in advance for your help!

SharpCap Log on Error.txt
(43.75 KiB) Downloaded 15 times
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Re: Problems with two ASI cameras connected simultaneously

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looking at your log file I can see that SharpCap initially finds both cameras with the correct names at about 21:40:26. Then at 21:42:23 the 178M camera disconnects from the USB bus - SharpCap spots this and knows that it needs to re-check the camera list, which happens at 21:43:09 when only the 071 is present (again this looks fine at this point).

Finally at 21:43:56 the 178M reconnects and when SharpCap rescans for cameras after this the names are incorrect.

I will investigate what happens with a disconnect/reconnect when 2 ZWO cameras are in use to see if the problem can be avoided (it may be a bug in SharpCap or in the ZWO SDK - I will have to find out).

You should be able to avoid the problem by checking that your USB connections are good and that there is sufficient power. Also not disconnecting or reconnecting the camera while SharpCap is running.

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